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Reliable • Flexible • Affordable
    Republic Burong Kawok (RBK)

    Providing an effective and inexpensive advertising solutions for all type of small businesses through advertising campaign strategies.

    Republic Burong Kawok (RBK)
    Advertising Solution East Malaysia
    Eco pixel

    We love to help you organize your content in packaging design, branding, labeling and also in the design consultancy

    Eco pixel
    Design Consultancy West Malaysia
    Sarawak Volunteer Unity (SVU)

    Be part of the volunteer community for an exciting events, meet new people and gain new experiences.

    Sarawak Volunteer Unity (SVU)
    Youth Development

    Models of all ages with great personalities and positive attitudes.

    Model and talent agencies
The Objective
To Increase sales, attract customers, improve product recognition and enhance the brand identity of products from entrepreneur.

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Designs & interfaces

New Media Research

Highly customizable

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