Biodiversity of Tropical Peat Swamp Forest of Sarawak (2016)


by Jayasilan Mohd Azlan & Indraneil Das


Peat swamps historically occupied vast areas of land and water in Sarawak State, East Malaysia. Yet, these environments remain poorly-known in terms of their biodiversity and potential for sustainable use. This volume is a compendium of papers on these topics, including the conservation importance of peat swamp forests: chemistry of humid substances of tropical peat, the Araceae of peat swamps; use of sago palm (Metroxylon sagu) to bolster national food security; assessment of infestation by endohelminth parasites of frogs at a degraded forest; the relationship between water quality and fish communities of blackwater environments; bird communities of peat swamp forests, and concludes a review of wildlife conservation, with emphasis of its megafauna, of this important habitat in Borneo.


ISBN 978-967-5527-90-6

Publish Year 2016


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